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We wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know about our selection of wonderful FoxFarm products and provide some information on each one.  We have soil conditioner, potting soil, and fertilizers all of which are hand mixed in small batches to assure consistency as well as quality.

The FoxFarm Happy Frog soil conditioner is made up of ingredients such as earthworm castings, bat guano, aged forest products, humic acid and as another bonus, mycorrhizae which are a beneficial microbe that helps get nutrients to the root system. This product can be used in different ways to benefit your landscape. To give your lawn a boost, this soil conditioner can be raked into your lawn in the spring and fall followed by a good watering. For new plantings, mix 1-part dirt to 1-part soil conditioner. Also, to enhance established roses and shrubs work a 3-inch layer of soil conditioner into the soil at the base of the plant in the spring and fall.


For container planting, we carry 2 different FoxFarm potting soils. The first is Ocean Forest which is considered premium.  This potting soil is made up of earthworm castings, bat guano, peat moss and aged forest products combined with oceanic ingredients like Kelp, crab meal and shrimp meal. This soil is great for all container plants and has a pH. level of 6.3-6.8 to promote maximum fertilizer uptake. The second is Happy Frog. Similar in makeup to the Ocean Forest it does not contain the oceanic ingredients, however, does have humic acid and mycorrhizae.


This brings us to the final group of products which is our 3 FoxFarm liquid fertilizers. Grow Big is the best choice for young plants. It contains earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp which encourage healthier, sturdier stems and leaves along with enough nutrients and trace minerals to promote the healthy branching needed for lots of buds and blooms later. This product can be mixed with water and applied every other feeding or used as a foliar feed. At the first sign of flowering, you should switch to Big Bloom or Tiger Bloom fertilizer. Big Bloom is an organic micro brewed formula that uses several organic ingredients to provide a full range of nutrients.  It also has Norwegian kelp for better nutrient uptake and higher yield as well as rock phosphate which assists energy transfer from one part of the plant to another leading to larger buds and more aromatic blooms. Tiger Bloom is a super potent, fast acting fertilizer that has high phosphorus and a good supply of nitrogen for healthy development above and below the soil as well as a low pH. to sustain stability and keep micro nutrients available.  This product is suitable for soil application as well as hydroponic or foliar feeding.


Feel free to come by King Nursery to check out these great products and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you.

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