Trees & shrubs are environmentally friendly.

With the help of King Nursery, you don’t have to feel like you can only plant one tree at a time. Planting a wide scale of trees for your landscape is very important. They create beautiful arches and large amounts of shade for your home. Trees also provide visual protection from outsiders. Maybe you just want to have a secluded dinner with your family? Trees can act as a barrier so that people can’t see directly into certain parts of your home. We have multiple trees that are pest free, some even bloom with flowers during the Spring and Summer time. When you place shrubs and trees on the sides of your home it allows the sun to warm the house in winter. Evergreens on the North side can help block the cold West Texas Winds. They improve air quality by acting as a filter and returning oxygen we need to survive, along with reducing the amount of storm water runoff that can prevent further pollution from occurring. If you enjoy bird watching and feeding squirrels, trees also attract a small amount of wildlife.